What causes you to be overweight?

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Ever heard that being overweight is genetic, a disease or a "psychological problem"?  Guess what; it's none of the above! The cause of obesity is a vitamin and mineral deficiency!  

When you're overweight it's because your body is deficient in the nutrients that it needs to maintain a proper, healthy body mass. To compensate, and in an attempt to get the nutrition it needs, you begin to 'crave' things.   In animals it's called pica or cribbing. In people we call it 'the munchies.'  This causes you to eat more and more calories that cause you to gain weight, but you still are deficient so the vicious circle continues on and on.  Before you know it you're 20, 50 or even 100 pounds or more overweight! 

It's been estimated that 20% of children and 65% of adults are overweight.

Most dictionaries describe pica and cribbing as psychological disorders!  That's because they get most of their information on these problems from 'main stream medical doctors' who have little or no training in nutrition!


Dr. Wallach, however, has extensive experience with these issues and has correctly diagnosed them to be deficiencies of nutrients.  When the animal, or person who is experiencing these cravings are provided with the proper nutrition THEIR CRAVINGS GO AWAY!  And, if they adjust their eating habits, they will also return to their proper body weight!

Many people have reached a point where they are considered to be obese. They have tried and tried to lose weight without results, or if they did lose weight they gained it back!  This is ususally because they didn't change the habits that got them there in the first place AND they failed to get the proper nutrition necessary to solve their weight problem.

If you only want to lose 10-20 pounds you'll probably lose that much just by starting on the Healthy Start Pak appropiate for your body weight.

If you need to lose more; with ASAP, there's hope!  ASAP stands for: As Slim As Possible, As Soon As Possible!  This new product is a nutritional supplement that supports your body's metabolism and 're-programs' it to burn fat as energy.

"It [ASAP] changed my life"… Victoria Baran

(Click the play arrow above to listen to Victoria Baran discribe how ASAP works and how it's changed her life as well as the lives of countless others who'd all but given up hope of every losing weight!)

You can learn more about ASAP and how to use it by clicking here.

Keep in mind that IT'S CRUCIAL TO SUPPLEMENT with the 90forLife program when doing the ASAP protocol. Your body stores toxins in the fat and when fat is burned the kidneys and liver can become stressed as they try to get the toxins out of the body.  Failing to provide the body with the nutrition it needs to function properly at this stressful time could cause serious problems.

We recommend being on the 90forLife program appropriate for body weight a minimum of 30 days before beginning the ASAP protocol.

Watch the Healthy Body Weight Loss / ASAP Video below to learn why this is the last weight loss plan you’ll ever need!

Click here to download the New Healthy Weight Loss Pak brochure.


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Healthy Body Challenge and the products behind it!

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Check these photos of one of my Team Members, Pete Petersen.


Pete at 290 pounds and size 44-46 pants! 

20130825_114452 - Version 2

Here’s Pete at 200 pounds and size 34 pants

20140303_205820 - Version 2

Here’s another shot of Pete feeling much better at 200 pounds and size 34 pants!

Note: Pete didn’t even do the ASAP program!  He just changed his diet and got on the Youngevity Products!

If you’d like to speak with Pete about his Youngevity experience you can call him at 502.457.4756 or click here to send him an e-mail.

And here’s a few shots of me Before and After...

DSC_8754 - Version 2

Me in  November 2011 at 240 pounds / Size 38 pants

DSC_6702 - Version 4

Me in Feb. 2012 at 216 after several months of taking just the Healthy Start Pak… (note the tip of my belt…) (Size 36 pants)

DSC_7269 - Version 2

May 2013 After the ASAP Program - Transformed to 170 pounds! 

(Note: same belt - look at the tip now! - Size 34 pants)

DSC_7272 - Version 3

Again, May 2013  170 pounds! - In the past when I looked down all I saw was belly - now I can see my belt buckle!

Note: As of the date of the update (3/17/14) I’ve KEPT THE WEIGHT OFF just by continuing the 90forLife supplements for my body weight!  Most people (60%) who go on other weight loss programs gain more weight back than they lost!

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