I felt this issue was important enough to give it its own page.

Youngevity products are the only ones that I'm aware of that are dosed based upon 100 pounds of body weight.

For example: 1 Healthy Start Pak would last a 100 pound person one month.  The same pak would last a 200 pound person two weeks and a 50 pound person two months!

Just as a larger car requires more fuel than a smaller one so does a larger body require more nutrition than a smaller one.

Many ask whether they can use less than the recommended dosage if they can't afford the proper amount for their body weight? - YES!  Since virtually everyone is in a state of nutritional deficiency it's always better to take something than nothing!  You just have to realize that the results will take longer to see.  The problem with doing this is that we have been so accustomed to seeing results from everything we do instantly that many will grow bored with taking the supplements and not seeing a change immediately!

If you take less than the recommended amount YOU MUST GIVE THE PROCESS TIME!  You didn't get into a state of deficiency over night and you can't expect to get out of it, especially when you're not taking enough for you body weight, over night either!

Rest assured, you will see results, but you have to give the process time to work!  The only caveat is 'barring an absorption problem' you will see results.  

The primary thing that would cause an absorption problem is gluten intolerance casued by the protein (gluten) in wheat, barley, rye and oats damaging the villi of the small intestine which is where nutrient absorption takes place.  The good news is that if you stop eating gluten the villi will repair themselves and absorption will increase over time, usually within 4-6 months.

Some conditions that indicate a gluten intolerance are the following:

Asthma, skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, extremely dry skin, having one's appendix or gall bladder removed, especially as a child, chronic constipation or diarrhea, (a simple internet search can find others).

If one is gluten intolerant they MUST STOP THEIR INTAKE OF ALL GLUTEN PRODUCTS IMMEDIATELY FOR LIFE!  As unfortunate as that fact is, it must be done if the person wants their health to improve rather than continue to go down hill.

Obviously, if a person is gluten intolerant they MUST deal with that issue immediately, otherwise, nothing they do will produce much in the way of results.  What's more, the problem will continue to get worse!

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