I've begun doing Newsletters in two main catagories.  The first is the YourDIYHealth Newsletter.  The goal of this publication is to give important health related information that is perfect for anyone who's interested in improving their health.

The second is the YGY Business Builder Newsletter.  This newsletter is geared specifically toward helping Youngevity Associates build their business and become successful.  

All newsletters are free and are produced as I have time and enough content to fill an issue.

They are listed below beginning with the YourDIYHealth Newsletter.  You can click on each link to read online or fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page to sign up for the newsletter to be sent to you automatically.  Note: your e-mail address will be kept secure and will ONLY BE USED TO SEND YOU THE NEWSLETTERS.  WE DO NOT SELL OR IN ANY WAY EXCHANGE E-MAIL ADDRESSES OF OUR SUBSCRIBERS.

YourDIYHealth Newsletter

Volume 1 / Issue 1

Volume 1 / Issue 2

Volume 1 / Issue 3

Volume 1 / Issue 4

Volume 1 / Issue 5

Volume 1 / Issue 6

Volume 1 / Issue 7

Volume 1 / Issue 8

Volume 1 / Issue 9

Volume 1 / Issue 10

Volume 1 / Issue 11

Volume 1 / Issue 12

Volume 1 / Issue 13

Volume 1 / Issue 14

Volume 2 / Issue 1 May 2015

Volume 2 / Issue 2 September 2015

Volume 2 / Issue 3 November - December 2015

Volume 3 / Issue 1 April - May 2016

YGY Business Builder Newsletter

Volume 1 / Issue 1

Volume 1 / Issue 2

Volume 1 / Issue 3

Volume 1 / Issue 4

Volume 1 / Issue 5

Volume 2 / Issue 1

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