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Three of the Livinity Products that have helped thousands to reduce or eliminate their chronic pain!

Everyone has experienced chronic pain, or they will some day in the future.  Most know many people who are unable to work, play, or carry on normal day-to-day activities because they are in constant pain.  I've been in that position for the last several years.  Around 2005 my chiropractor did an X-ray of my back and told me the pain I'd been experiencing was caused by arthritis.  As time went on the pain increased until I was unable to bend at the waist.  Simple tasks like putting on my shoes and bending over the sink to splash water on my face in the morning would produce terrible pain.  Soon I began taking OTC NSAIDs (over the counter nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) on a daily basis.  No one ever told me not to take them long term and, like a dumby, I never did the research to find out the effects that my actions would have.

It wasn't long before my knees we 'shot' and walking was painful. Going up and down stairs felt like I was scaling Mr. Everest. 

I happened to be Listening to Joyce Riley on The Power Hour one day as she interviewed Dr. Mark Sircus.  I happened to hear him mention that NSAIDs would destroy cartilage, especially in knees!  I immediatly stopped taking the pills, but the damage was already done!

Over the last several months I've been able to slowly rebuild the cartilage in my knees and eliminate my sciatica and the arthritis in my back by using the Youngevity Healthy Bone & Joint Start Pak.  

As it turns out one thing getting better uncovered another problem that I wasn't aware of.  As the disks of my lumbar vertebrae were repaired the nerves going to my legs that had been pinched and consequently weren't sending pain signals to my brain began to function again and I started to experience severe pain in the muscles of my upper legs. This pain, too, is slowly going away, but it hinders me from being more active even though my knees are getting better on a daily basis.

After listening to this program of The Power Hour with Dr. Dennis Harris of Livinity I decided to order the three products shown above to give them a try.  I'll post the results on this page as soon as possible.

Dr. Harris on Pain Management on TPH


It's now known that all pain is a result of inflammation.  Long term chronic pain in many cases also includes nerve damage.  The Livinity products reduce inflammation safely and the 'neruoLiv' product has also been shown to aid the body in repairing and regenerating the nerves that have been damaged!

If you're experiencing chronic pain give the products of Youngevity and Livinity a try! They're Safe and Effective!

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